December 23, 2013


So. 2013. You certainly happened, didn't you?

May 13, 2013

Calmedy Part Whatever (A Comic's Lament)

Calmedy Part Whatever (A Comic's Lament)


What do you do when you tell a joke? I'm not talking about a joke that your Uncle Bob told you at cousin Katie's wedding over the weekend and you're filtering through your own unique perspective Monday morning to your captive coworker audience. I mean a joke that you came up with from scratch. It developed, was nurtured, hatched and successfully born entirely in your cranium. Did you rewrite the set up? The punchline? How many times each? Did you obsess over the wording and placement of certain wordings? Did you entirely over think everything about the joke to the point where it wasn't even a joke to you anymore? It just became a collection of words that, if you didn't fail miserably, might elicit an approving grin from 1/10 people you tell it to. That is, if you summon the courage necessary to tell it in the first place.
No? Ok then.

April 25, 2013

The Ram and the Wall

Preface: I haven't done this in a while. Well, I mean, I've written things. Like my name and stuff. But as far as cohesive streams of thought, I've been limited to one or two line jokes about jerking off on deer (sorry). So this will probably be kinda disjointed. Pretty sure I used that word wrong. Wrongly? In a wrongish fashion. Wrongedly. Also, I realize how absurdly pompous it is to write a preface to a fucking blog post.
Some stuff has happened. My mom died last month. I'm going to write about that. My brain has felt constipated with thoughts and ideas for longer than I care to admit. So this is my enema. You'll want to stand down wind. Or up wind. Whichever.