February 16, 2011

Steve Christ: Public Defender

Perhaps you've been able to decipher from my infrequent updates that working on a steady deadline isn't really my thing. This has been a motif throughout my life as a shorty (which shouldn't have been so rough) to my current adultlescence. In fact, my most vivid memories of school are of teachers constantly reminding me of how I handn't turned in a first draft when it was due. And then how I handn't handed in a revised copy, again at their deadline. Without fail, they would all just assume I wouldn't have a finished project ready for them. After all, their deadlines were law. And one couldn't possibly work on their own schedule. My favorite memories, however, are of receivig the graded papers which would almost always be in the 95 or A- range. This showed me 1)That they recognized the quality of work I submitted and 2)They absolutely begrudged my refusal of adherence to their way of doing things and their petty way of showing it was by not giving me the A or 100 that the paper deserved.

This rambling incoherence is all to introduce you to:

Steve Christ: Public Defender

After spending the last 2000 years in outer space exile, Jesus Christ has had enough. With the earth overran by tyrants, extremists and scientologists, it's time for a New Testament G to administer some Old Testament justice. Always the modest one, the Lamb of God assumes an alternate personality on earth as to not be recognized. By day he is mild mannered Steve Christ, a public defender in a Mayberry-like town in Pennsylvania. At night, he resumes his duties as defender of all that is good and right, as he flies around the world solving mysteries and putting evil in its place.

All while struggling with his role as a single father to a precocious teenage girl!

Red Rock, Pennsylvania. A sleepy mountain town steeped in tradition and proud of it. The type of town that marks the time by the trains that run alongside Main St. You can water your garden to Mrs. Brandt's daily reminder of that month's upcoming civic association meeting. There's a time for everything, and everything is done in time. It's taken these good folks a while to get things just the way they like 'em, and they don't intend on any changes.

Boy, do they have somethin' (second) comin' to 'em!

(To be continued...)

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