February 2, 2011

Wah. I Got Bullied. Wah.

By now I'm sure everyone has heard of the case of the kid in Philly who got bullied. And while what happened to him was certainly unfortunate, I can't help but see this as emblematic of a much larger problem. And no, it's not bullying.

Kids are pussies. There's no other way to put it. Maybe it's the fact that we live in a much more uncertain world since 9/11 where parents feel they need to be over protective, combined with the ridiculously litigious nature of the 90s that has thrived into the 00s and now the 10s. Whatever the reason, kids today have a far different mentality now than as recently as myself and my peers a mere 16 years ago.

During my grade school years (and for generations innumerable before mine), if one was called out into a fight, we fought. If we won, great. If not, hell, we fought. And that alone earned respect. But God forbid you had an older brother to witness your loss. The threat at home was enough to turn even the most affable lamb into a ravenous lion, only too eager to bring back the kill for the pride.

Was I a good fighter? Let's put it this way: My fighting style could be described as strike first, then duck and cover. Won some, lost more. But the fact remains, I fought and, more importantly, fought back. And that's something that seems to be sorely lacking in this generation. They can blow eachothers' heads off in Call of Duty, but couldn't throw a jab if their XBox depended on it.

The kid in the video that has poked at the nation's collective soft spot curled up into a ball like a young Buster Bluth and never did anything beyond that. Unless you consider feebly running for his life "anything." And to be clear, this is not a judgment against him. It's a condemnation of the "everybody's a winner" culture that has smothered any attempt at bettering one's self in fear of making someone else feel inferior. Yes, Virginia, there are losers. And winners. And the only way the losers become winners is if you cut the cord and let them fight their own battles.

After all, they are our future, and we'll need them to fight our future battles. Remember, Red Dawn II is closer than we think.

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